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The Enikki Kit

The Enikki Kit

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The Enikki Kit is a journaling printable to get you started on journaling with a manga twist -- all WITHOUT drawing.

Simply print the journal pages and cut out the stickers to make a comic manga.

It is full of expressions to tell your life story in every emotion.

The Enikki Kit is so versatile, you can also use it as a digital planner, scrapbook, notebook, and bullet journal.

The Enikki Kit is loaded with

  • Journal cover
  • Undated yearly spread (2 pages) on dot grid paper
  • Undated weekly spread (2 pages) on dot grid paper
  • OKRs (Objective-Key-Results) guided journal page
  • Gratitude page
  • Template quotes pages
  • 3 colors of dot grid paper
  • 3 comic manga panel templates
  • Journaling stickers
    • Day of week (Mondays-Sundays) in 2 designs
    • Months in a year in 7 colors
    • Numbers 0-9 for journaling day of month
    • Alphabet in 4 colors
    • Days of week for mini calendar
    • Mini calendar in 8 colors
  • Comic manga stickers
    • 10 pages of character expressions and poses (180+ stickers total)
    • Speech bubbles (28 stickers)
    • Kawaii stickers (heart, stars, etc.)
    • Manga effect panels
    • Washi tape deco stickers
    • Patterned papers in 3 designs
    • 4 pages of colorful blobs and circles design elements

Download it for FREE and express your colorful daily life in manga without using hefty rulers and most especially without drawing!


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The Enikki Club

If you loved this free printable, you'll love my monthly freebies.

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What is the Enikki Club?

The Enikki Club is a mailing list group that receives monthly freebies and exclusive content from Lines and Grace.

Monthly freebies include digital products that you'll love using in your digital journaling or planning such as digital papers, washi, stickers, printables, and many more. Joining the Enikki Club mailing list will help you grab them before they are no longer free.

Exclusive content includes updates on the latest releases. And just for being an Enikki Club member, you get each and every product for FREE for the first 24 hours from release.

You'll also get content on journaling, planning, and making comics without drawing.

When you join the Enikki Club you make it possible for me to build a world where you can make manga comic journals without drawing possible for everyone with a story to tell.

Who is the Enikki Club for?

If you love creative journaling and you love anime and manga, the Enikki Club is made for you.

Whether you are anime journaling, bullet journaling, kawaii journaling, or scrapbook journaling, you will be delighted with the freebies and exclusive content I make for the Enikki Club members.

The Enikki Club is for both who paper journal and journal digitally.

How do you join the Enikki Club?

Download the Enikki Kit for free below and at checkouts, check the box that says Join the Enikki Club.

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