What is Lines and Grace?

A brand of comic stickers that is here to help you tell your story, whether you can draw and especially if you can't.

To the storytellers and those who love stories like I do, Lines and Grace is a little concept of grace that I share with you.

Why comic stickers?

Having been a software developer for more than a decade, if there is one thing I have learned -- that I believe I wouldn't have learned as well as an artist-- is to solve problems.

What problem?

I love reading books. One time I recommended a really good book to a colleague of mine. But he said he really wasn't a book reader. I totally felt he was missing out. But he said if it were manga, he could totally read it.

Why do pictures capture our attention so? How many good stories have we missed because our brains glossed over the sheer amount of words? How many of us feel the need to tell the story with facial expressions and actions and pictures and not just words?

That's the problem I want to help you with.

What's a solution?

There are many. But these comic and craft stickers is my little contribution.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. A story that needs to be told.

With these, I hope you can show your story to a world that is waiting to see it.

Check out the comic and craft stickers here.