Lines and Grace is About Your Story

There's something unique that we all have -- our Story.

Our story is so engraved in our souls that we always find ways to tell it.

Whether you're posting that selfie on social media, logging your travels in a notebook, planning in a planner, or journaling in your beloved bullet journals or hobonichi.

We're all telling the story only we can tell : the story of us.

My Story

Ever since I could draw, I drew. I drew people. I loved making characters and thinking what they would be like, how they would talk, and most especially what adventure their life story is!

Like many artists, I didn't go to art school. But 10 years or so later, I found myself here in Lines and Grace.

Sounds boring?

Not when you saw it like I did.

Let me help you see your story

Immortalize the conversation that inspired you. Capture happiness, sadness, anger, and all the feels that made you log that in your journal. Color your mood in. Go curly, straight, natural. Let a picture speak a thousand words.

Make the story of you.

Your story deserves to be told -- and seen! No matter what kind it is.

We're all eyes.

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