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The Enikki Kit


What is a manga comic journal?

A manga comic journal is an enikki. "Enikki" is the Japanese word for "picture diary".

It is a form of journaling where you turn your daily life into comics, which is "manga" in Japanese. It's a fun way of journaling your mood, expressions, experiences, and thoughts in daily life.

Here in Lines and Grace, my art is heavily influenced by anime and manga, so I've put the manga twist to creative journaling.

What is in the Enikki Kit?

The Enikki Kit is a complete printable kit to get you started on journaling with a manga twist -- all WITHOUT drawing. Simply print, cut, and paste.

Whether you want to just add an illustrated element in your journaling or go "maji de" and turn everything into manga comics, you can do it with The Enikki Kit.

It contains :

- pages full of emotions so you can express your colorful daily life

- manga/comic template panels so you don't have to use hefty rulers

- speech bubbles or balloons page so you can simply cut and paste with ease

- journaling page templates printables in yearly, weekly, and daily formats so you can make quick comics everyday or write your life story as it happens

- journaling page templates printables for quotes for those "I need to remind myself this" moments

- journaling stickers such as months, mini-calendars, day of the week, and calendar dates so you can use the Enikki Kit as a planner, journal, notepad, and scrapbook, too.

- washi tape page for extra fun

- kawaii pattern papers (that you can use for scrapbooking too) so you can make your journal even more kawaii

Can you make a manga comic journal without drawing?

Yes, you can! There are multiple ways to do it, but only the Enikki Kit was specially designed for manga style comic journaling (also known as "enikki" or picture diary).

Anyone who has attempted knows it takes ages to draw a manga and doesn't make keeping an enikki so sustainable in the long run.

That's why I have made The Enikki Kit. I've drawn a character full of expressions and gesture that can express every emotion you experience daily.

The Enikki Kit has 1 character in it, but if you join the Enikki Club, you can get more characters and kawaii goodies!

Can I use it for digital journaling?

Yes, you can. Simply import the PDF into your favorite journaling app such as GoodNotes.

GoodNotes sticker files and transparent PNG files will be available soon, so make sure you join the Enikki Club to get it when they're released.

Can I use it to make physical stickers?

Yes, you can.

Print out the sticker page you want on to sticker paper. Then you can cut them by hand or you can use the scan and cut or print and cut feature of your cutting machine.

Please be mindful to use them for personal use only though. As of now, I do not allow the Enikki Kit for commercial use.

Where can I get more characters and manga stickers?

To get the freebies coming oh so gloriously each month and help me build a world where anyone can make a manga comic without drawing, join the Enikki Club.

You can join by downloading the Enikki Kit and checking the box to Join the Enikki Club too. It's the easiest way to join.

The Enikki Kit stickers preview

Make a manga comic journal without drawing

Download The Enikki Kit for FREE and start journaling with all the moods and story you can dream up in your first ever manga comic journal - all without drawing!

Download The Enikki Kit