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Manga Workshop

Manga Workshop

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Create Manga Comics with Stickers

Learn to draw and make your own story too!

In this 1 hour Manga Workshop kids learn to make manga comics using both drawing and stickers. This includes a Manga Workshop Kit that they use during the workshop and has content they can take home and enjoy. Perfect as a school holiday activity.

Easy for kids who just started writing, this workshop has everything needed to make their first manga. They can easily follow along the demonstration using their activity books.

How-to Instructions

The how-to guide comics make learning the steps to making manga fun and easy to understand. Guides for drawing, how to make a story, and how to create a 4 panel manga comic using stickers are included.

Drawing Practice

Kids will have hours of fun drawing with the activity sheets as they practice drawing faces and designing characters. Drawing helps hone those fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Making Manga with Stickers

Character stickers and speech balloon stickers are provided to assemble the manga. It usually takes a long attention span to create a story all the way to completing a single manga page by drawing but by using stickers, kids can concentrate on their storytelling and feel accomplished when they complete their simple manga in minutes.

The character stickers have a range of emotions to help tell their story. There are pre-filled speech balloons and blank speech balloons they can write on or ask someone to help them write words on for them.

There are enough stickers so that they will follow how to make a simple preset manga and then they will have a chance to create one from their own imagination using both stickers and drawing.

The Manga Workshop includes

  • 10-20 minutes demo and teaching
  • 40 minutes practical application

The Manga Workshop Kit includes

  • Stickers
    • Make a Face sticker sheet (16 stickers)
    • Characters sticker sheet (20 stickers)
    • Bubballoons (speech balloons) sticker sheet (19 stickers)
  • How to and Guides
    • Basic Parts of a Manga
    • How to Make a Manga
    • How to Draw a Face
    • How to Write a Story
  • Activity Sheets
    • Make a Face (1 page girl, 1 page boy)
    • Draw a Face
    • Design a Character (1 page girl, 1 page boy)
    • Write Your Own Story
    • Create Your Manga (2 pages)

Please note:

The Manga Workshop Kit does not include drawing and coloring materials such as pencils and crayons.

Maximum of 20 children in attendance for each demo (1 hour long). Venue and dates will be arranged via email or call. Please make sure you leave your contact details at check out or by contacting me before making this purchase.

Available only in Auckland, New Zealand.

This listing is for the Manga Workshop only. If you are looking to download the kit only and not attend a workshop, click here.

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