The Enikki Kit Journal Setup

The Enikki Kit Journal Setup

Since I can remember, I have always loved writing in my diary and journals. It was another thing reading those long blocks of texts, despite knowing how much I can re-learn from them. In 2018 I discovered creative journaling and both my love for journaling and drawing became one in harmony. And because of all the visuals, I loved reading back on my journal entries.

I especially loved journaling with stickers but couldn’t find stickers that could journal every emotion. I didn’t like spending so much and managing the growing amount of sticker sheets though. I thought, what if I could make my own stickers so I only buy it once and print as much as I want and need, not to mention the savings? So I did. After a few years of trial and error, I finally made the Enikki Kit. 

The Enikki Kit is a journaling printable to get you started on journaling in pictures, also called as Enikki or picture diary in Japanese. 

Watch the video below for how I set up my journal using the Enikki Kit.


To set up my journal I printed out which pages I wanted on A5 sheets of paper. This is my favorite size for paper journaling. For my yearly spread, I printed some patterns behind it.

Later on, I will print more pages as I go through the year and as needed. That way I won’t end up with so many wasted blank pages. That was one of the reasons why I stopped using ready made journals you can buy off the shelf at stores. The way I journal in a year changes so much that my favorites are those that I bind for myself at the end of the year.

I printed weekly pages back to back. I printed them so that each week is one two page spread. So on the first page I start with Thursday and on its back I printed the page that starts with Monday.

I printed a couple of pages that I could use for quotes that I wanted to remember. And finally some blank dot grid pages and four panel comic pages. 

 When I print my dot grid pages I print them back to back. My printer can do the two-sided print but I found out that doing them manually is so much faster, so I print on one side, and flip the paper and then feed them back into the printer for another round or printing. When printing on A5 sheet, I shrink down the size to 68%.


Next it's time to print the stickers. I print the stickers on A4 sticker sheets. I've chosen some glossy transparent sticker paper to print some journaling essentials such as day of the week, months, day of the month. I also printed some on matte sticker paper for a more variety.

Matte sticker papers are also called labels. I use the uncut ones. They can also be matte photo papers with adhesive on the back. Sometimes they are called self-adhesive papers. If you live in New Zealand, I find the most affordable ones for stickers are from PrimePac - Smart sheet labels. These are a bit peelable and writable. But you can easily find 100 sheets a pack in The Warehouse Stationery.

You can easily cut the stickers using a pair of scissors but I find using a paper trimmer saves a lot of time especially when cutting straight lines. And of course I printed some character stickers to show the different moods that I want to express everyday. I use my cutting machine to save time cutting the girl stickers.

The FREE Enikki Kit Journaling Printable

You can find all this in the Enikki Kit. There are so much more in there. So have a look.

I hope you liked what you’ve seen in this printable I’ve designed for creative journaling. If you’ve haven’t yet, download the Enikki Kit here. Don’t forget to check the box to join the Enikki Club at checkouts to get more freebies and exclusive monthly content. When you join the Enikki Club, you get new characters and printables that you’ll love using in your journal.

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