🎁[FREEBIE] 🎁 2024 Calendar

🎁[FREEBIE] 🎁 2024 Calendar

Nothing makes journaling and planning easier for a fresh year like a pre-made calendar!

2024 Calendar - Enikki Kit - FREEBIE

Especially if it's in GoodNotes format. I'm sharing my 2024 Calendar in the Enikki Kit's Blushing Dusk color (one of the trendiest color palettes according to coolors.com with 69K+ downloads😯).

It's minimally marked with New Zealand holidays (for all you Kiwis) but those annotations can easily be erased with the eraser tool in GoodNotes.

Minimally annotated with NZ holidays

If you don't use GoodNotes, I've also included a PDF printable for printing. I find that I always need that just-turn-your-head-to-find-out-today's-date habit still the easiest way. So I have one printed out and posted on my dashboard.

To make it even more convenient for you who don't use GoodNotes but other journaling apps, I've also included a JPG of it. I hope I've covered all the bases!

So download it now for free below. 🤭Oh, and if you love getting monthly freebies for journaling that make life easier and are designed for that aesthetic look (for all us kawaii journaling people), join the Enikki Club for free (just check the Join the Enikki Club checkbox when you download this freebie).


2024 Calendar
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