How to Make a Touching Comic Card Story

How to Make a Touching Comic Card Story

This is part 3 of a series I am doing on How to Make a Christmas Comic Card. In both part 1 and part 2, I used one panel only for both the front and inside of the card. Now that we are comfortable with that, let's take it up a notch and use a 3 panel comic on the front page for more of a story line.

The Card

Front page of comic card

Inside spread of comic card

Close up of the inside page

The Script

Christmas is the season for giving and receiving. It's nice to get things as gifts and the thought behind them counts a fortune. But I find the best gifts I love getting during Christmas are the ones you can't put a price tag on, such as mended relationships, answered prayers and longings, and love from family and friends. So it may be a little cliche, but there is a lot of "touching the heart" in this script...

Front page

Me (slightly annoyed) : All I want
Me (sad) : For Christmas this year
Me (pleading) : is

Inside page left

Me (happy with my loved one) : You!

Inside page right

Text : ... and maybe a little ... ? Merry Christmas!

As you see in the video, the comic is a bit more generic. So you can actually substitute the whole script for completely something else with the same story line progression.

The Craft Goods (Materials)

Materials for making a touching comic card story

This time, I have made the card totally out of the available stickers in the shop and not printables. You really don't need a lot to make a delightful comic.

One of my lovely friends suggested that I pre-pack my comic stories for easier selection so check it out here to get the pack.

      1. Christmas Card Kit - All I Want For Christmas Is
      2. 1 Comic Cards (3 panels on card front and blank on the inside)
      3. Color pens/markers

          The Craft Steps

          1. Make your script.
          2. Stick the faces, bodies, and speech bubbles on the front page and inner spread.
          3. Write a Merry Christmas greeting on the inner right page.
          4. Color them in!

          It's so simple it's mind blowing. I thought this came out better than the first and second cards I've made although it had the least number of steps, the least number of materials, and the least number of colors I used.

          Tips and Tricks

          • The stickers are made of high quality photo paper so give the color time to dry (it dries quickly) before layering on another layer of color. If you don't give it enough time, the color you've layered on may become too dark. I'm especially careful with this when it comes to coloring the skin.
          • Don't forget to make space for the speech bubbles when you layout your stickers before sticking them on. They are peelable when done slowly.
          • Keep the speech bubbles or speech balloons in the panels by cutting off the excess with a craft knife. You don't have to lay it out the same way I did. You can put the whole bubble into the panel if you don't want to cut it off.
          • Choose the face stickers that match a version of you and your loved one. It doesn't have to be a boy/girl thing or a husband/wife thing. It can be a mother/daughter or dad/son and all other permutations in between too.
          • Change the script! Make it you. You know the best words to say that will pull on the heart strings of your loved one.
          • Enjoy making the card! The best part of this is the thought behind your message.


          I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!
          See you at the next blog!
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