Christmas Card Kit - All I Want For Christmas Is

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What's easier to make than a card kit with a pre-made story? This card kit contains the comic card, character expressions, speech bubbles or thought bubbles, and deco sticker sheets for you to put together and color in.

Make it your own and choose a character that is a version of you (or your recipient). Simply select from the "Character" box below to choose what goes into your kit.

This Card Kit includes

  • 1 comic card
  • 1 faces and body sticker sheet with 2 characters (with expressions needed for this story)
  • 1 context and speech bubbles sticker sheet (props that add context like deco, flaglets, banners)

Choose your character using the drop down boxes above. For hair style reference, see the 5th and 6th photo. The expressions in the sticker will be the same as the one in this story.

The Story

Front page

Me (slightly annoyed) : All I want
Me (sad) : For Christmas this year
Me (pleading) : is

Inside page left

Me (happy with my loved one) : You!

Inside page right

Text : ... and maybe a little ... ? Merry Christmas!

How to Make the Card

Follow along the videos and text description in the blog below for how to create this story.

How to Make a Touching Comic Card Story