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Creative Faith Journaling Made Easy | Color With Me

We've all been there. We get so inspired by a word or a verse that we want to highlight and seal in our souls so we whip out our newly minted journaling bibles and grab our favorite pen and maybe some journaling supplies. We choose some pretty papers and stickers and then... stop.

How am I going to put into paper this inspiration?

Trying to answer that question, we go down into the rabbit hole of designing and before we know it, that word of inspiration has dissipated into thin air.

Believe me, I've been there. Especially for the creative soul in me that cries out for perfection and excellence. It easily becomes a battle that makes me lose focus.

That's why I use Storytelling Stickers. Watch how easy it is to creatively journal your faith using Storytelling stickers.


I want to capture that glowing warm feeling called inspiration and put a face on it. I want to show what I feel when that word came alive in my heart. Sometimes if it's all too much to keep in my head, I'll quickly write down the words first. Then I'll make the story through storytelling stickers.

Even after days have passed, whenever I see that comic or story, I can feel the inspiration rising in me again with just a glance. I don't need to read that 500 word essay I wrote just to capture that invaluable revelation.

7 Easy Steps to Creative Faith Journaling

7 easy steps to creative faith journaling


Here is how to make creative faith journaling easy and enjoyable again. Watch the video at the end for the whole process.

  • Step 1 : Pick your facial expressions
  • Step 2 : Pick your body language
  • Step 3 : Pick your background
  • Step 4 : Pick your speech balloons
  • Step 5 : Put them all together
  • Step 6 : Color your feelings in
  • Step 7 : Don't forget to write down your insights

Step 1 : Pick your facial expressions

It's easier to match feelings with facial expressions than it is to put them into words. I find it easy to start here because sometimes I haven't completely wrapped my head around the revelation yet.

Faces | Storytelling Stickers

Step 2 : Pick your body language

As I poke my way deeper into the word of inspiration in my heart, choosing a body pose helps me understand it better. Is it about surrendering something? If it is, I choose the pose with arms open on the sides. Is it about hitting rock bottom? If so, I'll use the pose that's lying front down.

Body poses | Storytelling Stickers

Step 3 : Pick your background

Adding a panel helps with logical progression if any is called for. It's helpful for expressing concepts like before and after or showing a dilemma then a resolution. It's also helpful to use drawn-for-you backgrounds to show more emotion or adding more context. In the video below I use panels to create contrast between a sad and a happy place.

Backgrounds and Panels | Storytelling Stickers

Step 4 : Pick your speech balloons

I never can decide whether to call them speech balloons or bubbles. So I call them bubballoons. They are the place where I write the verse or the quote that stood out to me.

Speech balloons or bubbles or bubballoons | Storytelling Stickers

Step 5 : Put them all together

This is the fun part. It's also where everything falls into place. By this point I've explored the idea enough to easily put the story together.

Comic using Storytelling Stickers

Step 6 : Color your feelings in

If you love coloring to help you relax and meditate, you'll love this part. I find coloring a breeze if I stick to one style of coloring. My favorite is using alcohol markers and using simple shading.

If you're not into the coloring trend or don't have the time to sit long enough to color like I do when mommy duties call, be assured I'm in the process of making colored Storytelling Stickers so you too can journal your invaluable life story and revelations quickly.

Coloring Storytelling Stickers

Coloring Storytelling Stickers

Step 7 : Don't forget to write down your insights

Sometimes I finish making the comic and I feel like I'm done. Many times though I feel the need to explain in words what I've already come to understand through the first steps. In the future when I see that visual story, it draws me in to read the essay that comes with it. And not just for me, I'm pretty sure my children would love to read a Bible full of comics too. They'll be wanting to read the Bible themselves through the lessons you've journaled this way.

Finished faith journaling page

Insights written down behind the Journaling Page

If you would like to give it a try, you can download my Illustrated Life Story Journal printable for free here.


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Creative Journaling Made Easy with Storytelling Stickers