How I Started an Art Journal | Bullet Journal Meets Comic

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How I Started an Art Journal | Bullet Journal Meets Comic

It all started on December 6, 2018. I had been on a discovery journey of finally having the freedom to do what I love and wondering what best to do with it (background story for another day).

So I was on Pinterest, looking for inspiration -- because we all know that's where you look for inspiration (^__^), right? So I was on Pinterest scrolling, scrolling, scrolling when something caught my eye.

Ryder Carroll from The Bullet Journal had pinned a repost from serylittlenotes.


I quickly pinned that into a new board and followed the trail of crumbs.

The next one was like it.


 This bullet journal meets comic concept had my full attention. The manga style called out to the artist in me. And the bullet journal called out to the "journaler" in me. Before long I found mike-inu's pins from Tumblr. She used  a Hobonichi as her art journal.


It was in Japanese and everyone knows I love Japanese. I have had the privilege to study the language and work in a Japanese company for 10 years with 4 of those years in Japan.

The bullet journal, manga style, journaling, the stickers I have been developing for months -- everything fell into place and culminated in the first day of my Daily Log.

Here's what I wrote.

"Today, I found something really cool in Pinterest. I saw comics and illustrations drawn in a daily log on Hobonichi, techo, and bullet journals. I felt so excited my heart was racing. (Geeky moments, I know...) I made a board entitled "Planners/Journals + Comics = My Life Story" (which I have changed since). I can't wait to make my own! How fun would it be to look back at that? I've always added illustrations in my journals but these ones are the next level! They were so inpsirational, I went ahead and made one myself. I think I'll try this journaling style for a bit and see how it motivates me to keep journaling and to keep me looking at my planner."

3 months later and I have logged almost everyday the precious moments that passed me by. Not only did I check in on the planning for the day, but this bullet journal style method has really provided me with clarity and focus on what matters and what doesn't.


I especially liked how I can convey my emotions better with drawings than describing it in words like this.

Ready to try it out yourself?

I know you're rearing to go! But wait, how you ask?

Stick around this blog or join my email list as I serve up more "How To's" on how to tell your story in comic in your art journal.

In the meantime, take a look at how quick and easy it is using what I call storytelling stickers. Click the video below to play.


I hope to encourage you through my ups and downs and inspire you to make your own bullet-journal-meets-comic-art kind of a bullet journal to encourage others as well.

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