On My Own | Journal With Me - Episode 1

On My Own | Journal With Me - Episode 1

Journal With Me Manga Episode 1 - On My Own - From 2012 to 2017 I worked in Japan as a software engineer.  "Journal With Me" are the things I wrote in my journal that helped me survive a high pressure job all while learning a new language and culture.  I hope it gives you hope and encouragement for what you're going through.
Welcome to the first ever episode of Journal With Me.

What's different about this Manga

This manga was created using the digital stickers you see on Lines and Grace with a few additional drawings I've added in for this comic itself.
In the style of yon koma and kishotenketsu storytelling style, the episodes will not be your usual story-based webtoon. These were taken directly from my purely text based journals and slightly adapted to fit the manga/manhwa/webtoon scrolling and visual format

Why I created Journal With Me

I decided to make this manga comic because one day I realized that the things I went through could really help other people who are going through the same things. Somehow, by God's grace, I ended up sane, thriving, and well on the other side of that very trying time of my life.
My heart pangs each time I hear of someone who was overworked to the point of feeling trapped or depressed - even to the point that you don't feel anything. You're just tired. I know. I've been there.
I hope that through this manga comic, you can see the light not just at the end of the tunnel but the Light that is with you through it. Never lose hope. You may feel on your own sometimes (okay, maybe a lot as I was) but know that you are never alone.

Background Story : Episode 1 - On Your Own 

It was January 24, when I was on my own for the first time traveling internationally waiting in the airport lounge flying to Japan. I was a software engineer on a company transfer.

I was uncertain about many things and I felt all sorts of emotions as I sat there. So to pass the time and get this overwhelm under control, I took out the inch thick hand-bound journal that my best friend had made for me and began to write my thoughts.

It was a short entry. I simply acknowledged the start of a new chapter, what I was grateful for, and that God would grant me His grace even in Japan.

Little did I know how that first act of journaling was the start of a rollercoaster ride I never imagined I'd get on.

Stay tuned for the next episode. Updates once a month. Join the Enikki Club to get updates, freebies, and exclusive content. Or if you're on Tapas, subscribe to the comic - here's episode 1.

Journal With Me : Journaling Prompt for Anxiety

Now it's your turn to journal. When you feel overwhelmed because a start of a new journey, journal these 3 points in this order.

  1. What are things you are feeling uncertain about?
  2. What are 3 things you're leaving behind (maybe temporarily) that you are grateful for?
  3. What are you excited and looking forward to?
  4. No matter what happens in the coming near future, where have you put your hope on? (Hint: someone/somewhere rock solid you can anchor to - believe me, you'll need it)
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About Journal With Me Manga

Journal With Me manga comic is about an office girl who worked in a high pressure job while learning a new language and culture in a predominantly male work force. Each episode is an entry from her journal, which she shares to serve as a guide for surviving burnout for others in the same situation.

This manga was made using digital manga stickers (from Lines and Grace - check them out here!) and manga assets (from Clip Studio Paint's Asset library). Using these two and the amazing Clip Studio Paint software, anyone can make a manga even if you can't draw! (Of course once you've started making manga, you won't be able to resist that doodle!)