Choose Joy | Journal With Me - Episode 2

Choose Joy | Journal With Me - Episode 2

Manga on choosing to take back joy | Journal With Me Episode 2


Background Story - Episode 2

In Japan, there is a concept of “tatemae” and “honne”. “Tatemae” is what you put on for other people to see on the outside, and “honne” is what you really are thinking on the inside. They don’t necessarily have to be the same. And it’s not really a bad thing. It has its own important part in Japanese culture.

This is one of the things I did not know at that time. To me, I just felt like everybody was just going through the motions. The train was silent, people were on their devices, everything was too mundane. Too mundane for the excitement I felt. Too calm that that confusion started making me feel down. Can you imagine feeling sad on your first day in a new journey, a new chapter of your life, a new country I’ve never visited but have always been impressed with growing up?

After understanding that I was letting the things I perceived around me influence me too much, I decided to shake it off and choose joy instead.

Later on, I would learn that even as things looked “ordinary” on the outside, I would have the most “extraordinary” four plus years of my life– in more ways than one.

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Journal with Me: Journaling Prompt for Mental Health

Now it’s your turn to journal. When you feel sad or confused and you don’t know why, acknowledge what you feel and journal these points.

  1. What (new) experiences could be making you feel this way?
  2. What did you expect to be feeling instead in this situation?
  3. Fill in the blanks. I will take back my joy by __________________.
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About Journal With Me Manga

Journal With Me manga comic is about an office girl who worked in a high pressure job while learning a new language and culture in a predominantly male work force. Each episode is an entry from her journal, which she shares to serve as a guide for surviving burnout for others in the same situation.

This manga was made using digital manga stickers (from Lines and Grace - check them out here!) and manga assets (from Clip Studio Paint's Asset library). Using these two and the amazing Clip Studio Paint software, anyone can make a manga even if you can't draw! (Of course once you've started making manga, you won't be able to resist that doodle!)