How to Make a Tear-Jerking Craft Card (DIY Farewell Booklet)

How to Make a Tear-Jerking Craft Card (DIY Farewell Booklet)

Read this article on how to make a tear jerker farewell greeting booklet card (comic/anime style) in 30 mins with 6 materials and 8 steps. If you are a DIY crafts person looking for ideas or just someone who has enough skill to stick some stuff, this how-to is for you! Wow your friend without too much effort.

Also, don't forget to check out the Bonus Tips at the end of the page!

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Recently our friend has left to go back to her home country, Japan. My friends and I decided to surprise her with a farewell party, a card, a photo frame among other things.

I was just working on some printable kits and thought what a great time to try out the idea and make her a one-of-a-kind farewell comic/anime-style card? So I went ahead and volunteered for that.

The day came and we popped the surprise! She was down to tears by the time we gave her the card and gifts. Needless to say, it was a success!

The Card



There's nothing like the joy and satisfaction of being on the giving side, so here's one way you can be with a greeting card like the one I made.

Click here to check out the printable kits available for an epic project like this.


  • 1 or more printable kit/s from Lines and Grace
  • Pair of scissors or a cutting machine
  • Sticker paper or glue
  • Coloring materials (I used coloring pens)
  • Kraft paper cardstock (or any slightly thick paper or board)
  • Washi tape (or any decorative tape)


  1. Cut the cardstock into 6 equal pieces.
  2. Tape the 6 pieces together with the washi tape so you end up with a booklet.
  3. Print the chosen printable from Lines and Grace on sticker paper. Alternatively, you can print it on any ordinary bond or copy paper.
  4. Cut the characters, speech bubbles, and other elements you want to include with a pair of scissors or a cutting machine. 
  5. Stick the character that most closely looks like your friend on the cover of the booklet. Use glue to stick if you didn't use sticker paper.
  6. Decorate the cover with other elements.
  7. In each page of the booklet, stick the character heads, bodies, and speech bubbles. This will be where all the greeters will write their messages.
  8. Color all the characters and elements and you're done!

The card looks spectacular and it can be done within 30 mins to an hour. Not at all bad for a unique DIY card that they'll remember for the rest of their lives! 

The trickiest part is in the coloring so I recorded some time lapse videos below to give you an idea how to color them. You don't have to color them like I did though. You can go as crazy as you want with your coloring.


Bonus Tips

  • I have included a Silhouette Cameo cut file in the ZIP file that you instantly download after purchasing the kit.
  • Of course, people can write their messages anywhere, but from my experience people love to write on the speech bubbles! So make sure you stick enough speech bubbles in there. I also found it felt more personal when you choose characters that look like you to say your messages on their speech bubbles.
  • When you are binding the booklet, stick the washi tapes between each page first before you stick the last washi tape on the spine of the booklet on the outer side.
  • If your pages don't align on one side, don't worry. Just make sure the side where the binding is aligns first. You can always cut off the excess parts with a cutter later. But personally, I like the not-too-straight-not-too perfect edges. It gives it a very nice DIY feel to it. You know, like someone went out of their way to make you something kind of a feeling.

      Hope you enjoyed making the card as I did!

      Click here to check out the printable kits available for an epic project like this.

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