Storytelling Stamps - Panels and Background

Blank Template Panels

Blank template panels mean no more using hefty rulers to draw.

These come in 2 panel and 3 panels so you can sequence your story. Both dynamic (slanted) layouts and non-dynamic are available.

Panels help your character stand out among a whole page of words (useful when journaling).

Expression Template Panels

Helps express your story's mood or feeling.

From burst effects to coloring flower backgrounds, these will add a sense of motion or context like in the examples below.

See It in Action

This 3 panel static layout lets you tell a straightforward story or dialogue.

Comic sample using 3 static panels

While this tells an action or dynamic turn of events.

Sample comic using 3 dynamic panels

You can even mix and match the layouts by stamping them and cutting the panels out.

Comic sample of using a mix of panels

More Options

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