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Have you ever looked at beautifully drawn illustrated journal spreads and wished your journal could be just as beautiful?

The life story that is unique to you -- the one that only you can tell certainly deserves it!

This Illustrated Life Story Journal Printable Kit makes that possible even if you don't draw.

It is a beautifully illustrated journal that can not only be a planner, bullet journal, or art journal, but it has all the elements to help you make your entries visual into a DIY story book or comic all-in-one!

Loaded with 81 beautiful pages, including a how-to guide, characters with different expressions and gestures, story panel pages, adorable printable stickers, printable washi tape strips, and more, making your own life story visual was never more fun and effortless!

It also comes with standard bullet journal features such as yearly log, monthly log, weekly log, monthly calendar, and stylish blank dotted pages for habit trackers, mood trackers, and lists.

If planners are what you love, this kit includes pages you can incorporate into your current planner, such as a today dashboard tab, monthly tabs, 2020 monthly calendar page covers and printable weekday and month date stickers that all match in design. With undated weekly pages, you can plan or journal as much as you need without unnecessary pages that bulk up your planner.

This journal kit includes :

  • Guides
    • Getting started guide
    • How to illustrate your life story without drawing guide
  • The Story Pages : Your life in pictures
    • Pick which stories, memories, and highlights from the Script Pages make it to your story
    • 3 character pages
      • 3 speech and thought "bubballoons" (bubbles or balloons) pages
        • Cut out to add conversation or speaking lines to your comic
        • 2 ready made drawn-for-you illustrated comic pages (just add text)
            • 8 panel pages
              • Paste the characters and bubballoons in the panels to tell an event in your life story
            • 1 blank page with title banner
              • Cut your own panels and paste here
          • The Script Pages : Records of your daily life such as your plans, events, happenings, musings, and everything you want to keep track of
            • Yearly log - in 2 formats and 2 styles (6 months or 4 months per page)
            • Monthly log - in 2 formats (left and right border for reverse page printing)
            • Mini calendars ending in 30th, 31st, and 29th
            • 12 monthly covers
            • Weekly log - in 3 undated formats (horizontal and vertical) and 2 designs
            • 4 blank dotted pages with matching designs for all your diary, journal, list, and bullet journal needs
          • The Deco Pages :
            • adorable peony deco printable stickers - 2 pages
            • bookmarks (or dashboard)
            • hand calligraphy monthly tabs
            • printable washi tape strips - 2 pages
            • 4 pretty and matching printable papers
            • alphabet printable stickers - 6 pages
            • dates in a month printable stickers - 2 pages
            • days in a week printable stickers - 2 pages

            Why Printables?

            • Instant download. Receive your product immediately after checkout.
            • Download once keep forever. As long as you have the file, you can print another set with no additional cost. All you need is your printer and paper. You can also print in convenience stores, just take the PDF file with you.
            • Multiple applications. Print on sticker paper to make stickers or magnet sheets for reminders or journal stickers. Use as invitation letter sealers. Personalize your letters with these stickers. Give to kids as interactive craft or reward stickers. The applications are endless and your imagination is the limit!
            • Perfect as impromptu gifts for the person on the other side of the globe. Just send them the link!
            • No time to cut? Get the physical stickers from the Story of You collection (shipping rates and times apply).

            How do I checkout and use the printable?

            1. Specify quantity if applicable.
            2. Click the Add to Cart button.
            3. Go to checkout and fill in your details.
            4. After your payment is confirmed, a link will be shown to you after checkout. The link will also be emailed to you, so make sure you use an email address that you can access. If you didn't receive the email, please check your junk/spam folder just in case your email service incorrectly identified the email.
            5. Open the downloaded file using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
            6. Print using your selected paper size - A4 or A5. For A5, make sure you select Shrink to Fit or a similar option.


            • Tip#1: Print stickers on self-adhesive papers to cut them out and make sticking on your journal easier.
            • Tip#2: Print deco papers and tags if any on cardstock.
            • Tip#3: Punch the border on the left (if applicable) to add the pages to an A4 binder or an A5 ring binder journal or your favorite journal.

            Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refund or return options available once purchased.

            If you can't find it in your email, message me here and I will resend the link to you.

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