Craft and Comic Stickers

They are here! The face, body, and comic stickers you love as printables are now in stickers! Printed in high quality matte photo paper, you will love coloring the black and white ones to personalize as your own. 

Choosing the Hair Style You Want

Choose a different hairstyle -- just click on the expression you want first and when you are in that product page, choose from the Face Type drop down box.

Where to Use These -- Get Creative

  • Go even a little further and make your very own comic!
  • If you don't feel too daring, why not use these stickers in your journal or planner and express your day with the different facial expressions each face has? Can't draw? No problem! Just peel, stick, and color!
  • Of course, these are perfect for DIY crafts, card making, cute witty labels around your house, and whatever you can think of. (Just remember unless the sticker type is made out of vinyl, there's no guarantee it can be cleanly peeled).

Enjoy! If you have requests, please let me know as I am continuously adding more and more stickers here!