Storytelling Stickers

Storytelling Stickers

What are Storytelling Stickers?

Storytelling stickers let's you quickly and easily tell your story in comic or manga without drawing or hiring an artist, not even software. Simply peel, stick, and color the sticker elements you need on your favorite medium -- your journal, hobonichi, TN, planner, cards, or crafts - on any surface you can stick on.

Designed for Storytelling

Being an engineer herself, Stella Grace has taken great care in designing the storytelling stickers. They are designed and engineered for visual storytelling.

Storytelling stickers are designed black and white, as stickers, and kiss cut to 0.03

Why Stickers?

As opposed to stamps, stickers can be layered on top of each other, effectively blocking elements that don't need to be seen. This makes combining elements such as faces and body a breeze unlike traditional drawing of comic or manga that could take hours sketching and inking.

You don't have to find where you put that glue so this makes the process quick. The backing of the stickers make them quite easy to peel if done correctly in case the storyteller wants to make a correction.

Kisscut to a T

What sets Storytelling Stickers on Lines and Grace apart from other popular main stream stickers is that it is kiss cut with only a 0.03 inch white border around the image compared to the awkward 0.25 inches.

This 0.03 inch white border makes all the storytelling elements still look cohesive when layered on top of each other but also helps the character stickers (face & body) pop out enough from the background so they are easy to pick out and not get lost in all the colors.

It is such a thin border that coloring over it is easy enough if some parts of it don't need to be white.

Black and White for Coloring

They are designed to be colored in your favorite coloring medium. From alcohol-based markers such as those from Copic, Neopiko, and Tombow to watercolor, and of course a coloristas favorite -- coloring pencils.

Coloring allows the storyteller to create a unique character. A mini me version colored in with the eye color, skin tone, and hair color that the storyteller identifies with the most will be the star of the story.

Even the supporting cast, perhaps the storyteller's loved ones or significant others can be represented in their own style and peculiarity.

Starting from the Basic Elements

The Story of You Collection has all the basic elements to tell a story visually.

Namely, the elements are :

  • Face
  • Body
  • Speech or thought bubbles or balloons
  • Panels with backgrounds

Some extra pretty things thrown in are :

  • Comic journal stickers
  • Decorations such as ribbons and flowers

The 3 Elements of a Story

Character, conversation, and context are the main elements that make a story.


Character Storytelling Stickers and a sample of how they can be customized and colored in

Faces Full of Emotions

From the 15 facial expressions available in front, left profile angle and right profile angle, to the 28 different hairstyles for girls and 30 different hairstyles for guys, every person will find one that is a "mini me" version of him/her in the Hair & Make Extender Pack.

The Hair & Make Extender Pack on Lines and Grace

Is that a typo for "makeup"? People have asked me the designer about that. But no, it isn't a typo but a fun trivia. Having lived in Japan for a couple of years and drawing inspiration from Japanese anime and manga, the Extender Pack for storytelling sticker faces are endearingly named "Hair & Make" because Japanese love to shorten English words to give something a trendy twist and make words easier to pronounce (or could they just be lazy...? How preposterous of me! Gomenasai! m(_ _)m )

Body Poses for the Nonverbals

The Body Basics Extender Pack on Lines and Grace

Starting with 220 front facing body stickers and 228 profile ones in 40 different poses in the Body Basics Extender Pack, Lines and Grace seeks to build a library of body poses for storytelling.

The first batch of poses are called Body Basics because they were designed to be easily customizable to transform from a simple T-shirt and jeans look to any outfit. Think creatively and draw or color in a line or two to make it into an apron. Or what about a sleeveless tank top with some arm bangles? Shade the whole arm in and you have yourself a long sleeved shirt. The sky is the limit for your outfit of the day!


The Bubballoons Extender Pack on Lines and Grace

Bubballoons -- Bubba What?

Bubballoons is a play on words "bubble" and "balloons". The Bubballoons Extender Pack is for speech, thought, exclamation, etc. bubbles or balloons.

In traditional comic or manga creation, an artist would make space and draft the conversation in bubbles along with the rest of the drawings inside the panel -- being careful to not draw over and into the border of the bubbles.

By making bubballoons stickers, now the storyteller doesn't have to worry about that. The stickers layer over other storytelling sticker elements to provide a space for the all important conversations.


The place where a story happens is just as important as the characters and conversation. It is the place your story lives.

The Pretty Panels Extender Pack on Lines and Grace


Panels are important in visual storytelling because they set the pace of the story. Straight panels for normal feels, slanted panels for some dynamic action, and multiple panels to show progression of thought.

In Japanese manga, a panel is called a "koma". The Pretty Panels Extender Pack has blank panels in 1-koma up to 4-koma. Each koma or panel can be peeled separately from the other komas so that they can be assembled in a myriad of ways depending on the need of the story.

As opposed to traditional comic or manga creation, you don't need all the panels drawn in before moving on to character and conversations. You can work one panel at a time. This gives the storyteller a bit of relief from too much pre-planning before he/she can make the story visual.

Another feature of Lines and Grace storytelling panel stickers is that some of them have background already drawn in for you. Imagine a daily hike in the forest, the Milky Way night sky -- backdrops that would otherwise have taken hours to sketch and color.

There are backgrounds for each emotion too - happy, sad, angry, ecstatic, and for those eureka moments.

There are backgrounds for color therapy like coloring mandalas, succulents, and florals. After all, these storytelling stickers were meant for visual journaling, which is one way to melt away the daily stresses of life.

On top of that, there are artisan backgrounds such as a living room set up. More artisan backgrounds to come in the next releases.

Tell the Story Only You Can

Each one of us has a special story that only each one of us can tell. It is the story of our life. We take pictures but they fall short of the juicy conversations that take place in the moment. Many times the most memorable moments can't be captured in video no matter how quick you are to the draw. We capture them in words in our journals but find less and less time to read through them.

Why not tell your story visually instead?

Your story deserves to be told no matter what flavor it is.

of stress.


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