Lines and Grace Launches

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Lines and Grace Launches

After decades of wondering if my art can impact people's lives (ahem ahem) ... tada!

Lines and Grace is off the drawing boards!

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All products are made in the US or EU. Some stuff like the pillow stuffings may come from China. Imagine how crazy I tried to figure out the pricing so it isn't too expensive and yet won't burn a hole in my pocket. Now I know why the world seems to be made in China (^__^)'.

One of my favorite product is shown in the photo of the sleeping baby throw pillow. I got it delivered to my door andI loved it the moment I laid eyes on it! I wish you could feel the wanderlust I felt! You know that feeling that you don't ever want to use it cause its too precious but then know you're being silly. That feeling.


Currently all products ship to US and Canada. But only some items ship to selected countries such as Australia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and New Zealand. (I didn't know how tedious and meticulous figuring out the numbers were without carelessly putting up just any random shipping fee).

I have labored night and day to be able to give out free shipping and was able to do that on some, but not all products. Please check out the shipping at the checkouts. Oh, and by the way, the checkouts are in NZD only. I really wanted the prices to be displayed in the country selected from the currency dropdown but there was no getting around this for now (constrained by services I use).

Now it's finally launched, I can't wait to getting back to drawing and putting up art that hopefully you will love. I've carved out lots of work for me that I will joyfully do! Rest assured, I will continue working on improving the shipping and it is within my sights to add more countries to my shipping destinations in the near future.

Your awesome voices...

If you'd like me to put up something or if you have any questions, please contact me in the Contact page and let's see what we can do!

My Humble Request...

Please bear with me as I try to iron out all the logistics behind what actually makes an online store run. m(_ _)m

Keep posted!


\(^___^)/ \(^___^)/ \(^___^)/ \(^___^)/

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    They all look so adorable! :)

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