What are Mood Trackers?

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What are Mood Trackers?

Before I answer that question let me ask you this first.

Have you ever planned like really seriously wrote it down with determination because you had a goal to achieve?

Back when I was working in the corporate world, we had huge projects that made planning essential and indispensable. Failure to plan was planning to fail. Good thing prior to the corporate world, I did a lot of planning using my handy thin planner that only had monthly pages in it. Even that helped me a TON getting through college. (Hint: one of my not-too-secret secrets to get good grades was planning). But soon after, I started to realize, plans are definitely undoubtedly good, but many times I kept falling into the same pitfall -- failure to include the human side of it.

Now that I have taken a step back, that's become clearer to me. I find that even outside the corporate world, planning is even more essential -- and demands that I include the human part. Specifically the non-task oriented part. The part that checks on "how are you today?" We've designed regular automated health checks on computer systems. Why don't we design health checks for ourselves? The answer : Mood Trackers. I imagine my engineer friends go (0_0).

First of All Why Track Our Moods?

Perhaps we want to leave a record (computers have logs, why not us?). Or perhaps we feel like somehow if we could get it out of our head on to the page, things will make sense, and they usually do. Or perhaps it is to improve on oneself (kaizen, anyone?). But I think for many like me, it's simply because it's fun (and like sims we all know our fun tank needs filling up too).

I've started tracking my moods and I dare say it's quite effective and actually contributes to me meeting my targets and not to mention my own well-being.

Let's start with a happy one. On a day off I would usually want to do nothing but have an introvert time. After this movie however, I actually did a couple of chores I don't usually do. Productive, very productive, I told myself. See the direct correlation of meeting the human side and meeting targets? I recorded that below and now I know one more way to get things done.

Picture of a mood sticker colored in after watching a movie

We watched Mission Impossible Fallout -- really enjoyed the twists after everything made sense.

Journaling my day on tough days helped me clear the fog from my mind and refocus. Usually I would start out in despair but find myself again at the end of the second page. I encouraged myself to have faith, trust, hope, love, and persevere. Days and years would pass and I look back on that entry on a day that was pretty much like it and I find grace from someone who knows what I'm going through better than anyone second to God. Those past journal entries help me stay calm and keep going.

What are Mood Trackers?

Basically mood trackers are a record of info, specifically a person's mood for the day. Are moods the same things as our emotions? Well, according to this blog, emotions are more short-lived than moods. Moods tend to stay longer. Something new I learned lately. I always thought emotions were moods. But at the end of the day, summing up my emotions help me understand my moods through mood trackers.
Mood charts or mood trackers are famous in the bullet journaling world. From the analytical driven charts and bar graphs to the creative use of colors to color in an art piece that shows your mood in a month. The self-expression is endless.

Picture of a miffed expression

First time to add these faces into my journal made a huge difference in the journaling experience.

Recording our mood each day helps us better understand ourselves. I don't know about you, but I've had those moments where I felt anxious or nervous without knowing why (found out it was caffeine). When we better understand ourselves, we can take action on the triggers that do us damage. We can make more positive choices and make life better for us and everyone around us -- especially for our partners (^___^)'. My moods seemed to be more observable when someone is around to point them out rather than when I'm all by myself.(~__~)

How to Track Your Mood

There really isn't one way to track your mood. Some people like using graphs and charts to see the ups and downs.

But there is one very important thing-- and that is to be completely honest with yourself.

Personally, because I love to illustrate, I tried something that would show the invisible-- the contents of my heart at a glance. Here's how I did it.

  1. First I drew some blank faces and put different facial expressions on them.
  2. I fed a plain white sheet it into the printer then cut around the faces.
  3. I jotted down my day's highlight and stuck a face on that journal entry.
  4. Everyday that I journaled, I would choose which facial expression felt like my mood, and color however I felt.

The effect? It was like my journal came to life! Pictures do speak a thousand words! When I look back at my entries I instantly see which ones were ups and which ones were downs. I didn't have to read a couple of sentences before taking a guess what I felt when I wrote those words down.

Picture of a confused mood
I felt down when I couldn't get my printer to tell me how to use its wifi direct feature.

Many times just sticking and coloring makes my day. My day that was hitting a slump because I couldn't figure out how to do something. Ah, yes. Color therapy works! Even better when paired with words like in a journal.

I couldn't believe how so little a thing made my day so much that I thought, why not share? Perhaps someone with a bad day will print out the faces and cut them and stick them and color them and by the time they ended coloring, they would feel better.

Mood sticker feeling accomplished
Feeling accomplished after a productive day of creating the face mood printables for sharing.

Here Come the Printables!

So I have made it my personal goal to make a LOT of these faces available for download after purchase. I'd like to make them really diverse that people can find a little version they can relate to and use that. If you can't find one for yourself, message me. (I'm releasing first batch for ladies first but I'm currently working on the guy versions. Thank you guys.) I hope that not only my friends in the planner community, bullet journaling community will find this helpful but that my engineer friends will discover a very overlooked aspect of being an engineer.

Printables of Face Mood Trackers on Sticker Paper

Printed the printable face mood trackers on one part labels or sticker sheets.

I decided to go the printable way instead of creating stickers and having people order it from the site because there are just places in the world that I want this to reach but can't if shipping is involved. Plus it's definitely more economical. A lot less carbon footprint for the win! If there is a demand from the time deprived people, I will definitely put out pre-cut sticker sheets and ship them out for you, I'll try to make a poll to see if there is any demand for it.

Different faces and expressions showing moods

Another reason I wanted this to be a printable is that they can be printed on sticker sheets! That way, I didn't have to go find my glue each time I'm journaling. Plus they can be used for any other purpose that doesn't have to do with journaling for people who just love collecting stickers.

Stickers for a more convenient journaling experience!

Image of a bookmark using face mood trackers

Not just stickers, moods can be tracked using bookmarks as well!

The download is a PDF. You can download it after purchase a set number of times as is mentioned in the product description. A link will be shown after checkout and also sent to your email. Don't forget to check in your spam or junk folder just in case the email service tagged it incorrectly. If you experience any problem with the download, message me here. I will reply in my waking hours.

As a start click the link below for the first batch of face mood trackers!

Take me to the world of mood trackers!

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