Mood Tracking for Guys

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Mood Tracking for Guys

Mood Trackers for guys -- is there such a thing?

Honestly, I don't know. Before I started making these printables, I wasn't even sure guys kept journals. So I went up to Google and searched. I found this article from the Art of Manliness entitled "How and Why to Start a Journal" about keeping journals and I was impressed.

Come to think of it, the great men of old kept journals. They wouldn't call it journals back then, but in essence, they were. Take for example, one of my heroes, King David. If he had not written his musings into Psalms, we would not have a part of the Bible that speaks to both men and women alike in a way that is so personal and so down to earth honest on what a person going through the darkest and the happiest times of his life would be like. We get to peek into the mind of a king! That truly amazes me. Even kings have their times of weaknesses, even kings need a Great Helper to lean on.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from him in Psalm 121.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

This verse has encouraged me dozens of times in my life. When he wrote it, he had no idea that his words would get a flailing software engineer fledgling through one of the toughest times in her life!

Image of a guy saying he will not give up

Many of us in these modern times wouldn't be king or a famous president like Abraham Lincoln. But, as the article in the Art of Manliness points out, in the eyes of our grand children, you might as well be one.

Quick and Simple -- How Guys Journal

In this great legacy, I would like to add a bit more spice into the treasury with these emoji printables. Sometimes, I imagine a man would rather just stick an emoji on his mini pocket sized journal to express what went on a day than sit down and write an essay.

Image of men printables

Perhaps, like me, his journal keeping wife would actually find this useful, keeping track of his moods. Many people picture men as less emotional beings. But ever since I got married, I've found out their emotions are just as rich as women's too.

Image of a man printable of my hubby and a journal entry

Maybe some may find it harder to express their emotions when they have no kind soul to listen to their musings without being judged and called unmanly when they do. These are the times that a journal and these printable emojis come into play. An outlet to express some hardship, some wisdom, something to celebrate that will be priceless for his well-being and may become his legacy some day.

Image of men's mixed emotions

Image of men's mixed emotions

Printables as Gifts

If you think your husband, dad, brother, friend can't spend time on printing these out and cutting them, why not do it for them and give it to them as a present along with a little mini pocket-sized journal?

Image of a printable turned into a sticker

Don't want to spend the time printing and cutting these printables? Don't worry. I'll put up sticker versions of them soon.

Why don't you try it? See the difference it would make.

Image of a printable colored as a hulk but with a calm face

Get the printables here.

Here's what they look like.

Sample of a printable face mood tracker for men

Sample of a printable face mood tracker for men

Sample of a printable face mood tracker for men

Sample of a printable face mood tracker for men

And here's how they can be colored in to express each nuance and personality.

Fun, right? What are you waiting for? Download the printables here.

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