Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Ah, gender reveals. If having a baby isn't too much expecting, there's this new trend called baby gender reveal parties where the baby's gender is unknown and only to be announced during the gender reveal party.

They haven't always been around. But I would love to see the faces of my parent's guests if we had one before we were born.

What are baby gender reveal parties?

Basically, the expecting couple have no knowledge of the gender of their baby. Whoever is organizing the party knows, of course, and the announcement is made at the party.

People have come up with all sorts of creative ways to build up on the suspense. I have watched a LOT of gender reveals. The most common one would be opening this big box and out comes balloons that are pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy. The second most common one would be party poopers that shoot out pink or blue confetti. Another one is cake cutting where the outside of the cake shows no indication of pink or blue but the inside once cut shows a pink cake or blue cake.

So why am I talking about gender reveal parties?

I thought I'd throw my own idea into the mix! So I made these gender reveal invitation cards with stickers to match.

Here are my ideas and I would love it if you use them. I'd be thrilled to see you tag my instagram @linesandgrace_ig when you do!

Invitation Cards

What is a gender reveal party without the guests? And of course, what are guests unless we have them invited! Here are 3 invitations that I designed on Zazzle.

        gender reveal invitation card - light skin babies
        Set # 1 : Light skinned babies

            Set # 2 : Tan skinned babies

            Set # 3 : Dark skinned babies

              I made these on Zazzle so my customers have global level services in printing and shipping. I've ordered items off Zazzle and when I had a concern, they were always quick to respond. Plus I love their customize feature that gives you all the options you need to make that memorable invitation.

              At the back of these invitation cards, I have added placeholders for where the important stuff go such as who is inviting, address, contact number, and RSVP. These are placeholders only. So once you see the card you want, click the Customize button to change the text. I find their editor is user friendly enough as well.

              And one thing that I love is diversity. So I made 3 sets for you to choose from. If you want me to make a set for you, I am happy to oblige. Please send me a message on the Contact page.

              Fun Ice Breaker

              Once you have sent out the invitations, it is time for the party!

              In most gender reveal parties, the guests just wait for the announcement to be made. Why not engage your guests and have them vote before the announcement? I know I would love to vote.

              So, I made 3 sets of baby stickers that match with the invitation card. Your guests can pick which side they are on by choosing a girl or a boy sticker. I think it's a great way to make your guests feel at home. 

               gender reveal sticker sets - 5 packs

              I imagine something like this.

              Guest 1 eyes a person he wants to get to know.

              Guest 1 walks over.

              Guest 1 : Oh, I see you've voted "boy"!

              Guest 2 : Yes, looks like we're in the same team!


              You can choose the 5.5x5.5 inches die-cut baby stickers that can double as party favors. Or you can choose the more economical sticker sheets that give you 30 babies in one sheet.

              gender reveal sticker sheets - 30's 1 pack

              Did I mention the stickers are vinyl? They won't leave an icky residue on your shirt once peeled and if you didn't stick it quite right the first time, you can peel and re-stick again without any problems and they're water proof just in case a guest decides to shower themselves with some juice.

              The Reveal

              For the reveal, I suggest pulling out a 5.5x5.5 inches sticker from a box to show if the baby is a girl or boy. I can also make 9.8x14 inches stickers by request. And since these are stickers, you can stick them on a board and make a fancy collage. Or if you like the balloon idea, you can stick one on a balloon. I find this method is very considerate to color blind people (think accessibility people!)

              I can't wait to host my own gender reveal party soon, God willing!

              Hope you loved these IMHO great and fresh ideas for your next gender reveal party whether you are planning it for someone or yourself. Every baby deserves to be celebrated.

              As always, if you have any requests, please send me a message! Oh, you can send me one through messenger too. Just click the messenger icon on the lower right corner.

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