Baby Shower Party Ideas

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Baby Shower Party Ideas

Baby showers, who doesn't love them?

The name itself fills me up with fluff and feathers!

Below are some of the things I loved at baby showers I've been to. If you're looking for ideas for that next baby shower, something in here might jog your creative juices!


Nappy Cake

This was the first nappy cake I have ever seen in person. It was the cutest thing! It was even complete with baby cloth diapers and a giraffe stuffed toy.

pink baby girl nappy or diaper cake



Party Favors

You might have glimpsed it in the previous picture, but I had the opportunity to be part of the baby shower party favor giveaways team. That's right! I made and printed the thank you cards below.

baby shower party favors

baby shower party favors in pink

As you can tell, I hand cut all of them! If I had known about gyro cutters then, I would have saved so much time creating them.

The party guests loved it and I couldn't be happier! Those were one of those times that had me thinking whether I should change careers (^___^)'/

I still love making party favors that make people smile! Please send me a message here if you want one for yourself!


Blue Striped Straws and Blue Soda

In one of the recent parties I've been to, we were served with these adorable drinks.

blue soda and blue and white striped straws



There's nothing like banners to bring a decoration to party level!

Here's one pink. The pink one had the baby's name on it and even had a clothesline of onesies!

baby shower banners


Here are some other stuff I have made that I think would fit well in a baby shower!

Swaddled Baby Fondant Accents for Cake

There was a time I dabbled with fondant and made these blue swaddled baby fondants. If you want a tutorial, comment below! Can you imagine a cake lined with these cuties?

swaddled baby fondant cake accents

I think these would be great for parents that are expecting twins, or even better, triplets!

swaddled baby fondant cake accents - in 3s

Each baby fondant was made of 4 parts only. The sphere for the head, the 2 black flat circles for the eyes, the 2 pink flat circles for the blush (cuteness factor!) and the baby blue swaddle.

swaddled baby fondant cake accent - closeup


Touch of Cute

If you like the things you've seen here, I've made it easier for you to grab that cute and bring into your baby shower with the products below.

Sticker Sheets

 Use these sticker sheets to seal any invitation envelope or use the sticker inside the card itself!

 Envelope seal - headstand baby sticker

The stickers above come in 30's per sheet so you get a lot of value just by buying 1 sheet. I made a little envelope and sealed it with this baby doing a handstand.

Get creative! All you need is the sticker, colored paper, and some fancy paper tape. Because the stickers are vinyl, you don't need to worry if you made a mistake! They are easy to peel and don't leave a residue. Plus they re-stick nicely as well.

envelope for invitations with baby sticker as seal

Here are the other sticker sheets that come in 30's.

Other designs for 30's sticker sheets

Get these 30's sticker sheets here.

To go straight to the sticker sheets per design, click below.

A baby doing a handstand

A baby eating a popsicle

A baby crawling away

A baby with oversized sunglasses

A baby sleeping on a cat

A baby with her pup


Hope you got the creative juices flowing!

I would love to hear what you think! Share some other ways you think you could use these adorable baby stickers in the comments below!

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